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MSP Network Support

IDEAL Managed Router/switch Services

"Every technology component you have connects into your network. Your ability to provide service, conduct transactions, communicate and collaborate depends upon the performance of your servers and applications. And, they can't function if your network isn't functioning. Even one minute of network downtime because of a misconfigured router can impact productivity, revenue, competitive advantage and customer loyalty."

Our enhanced maintenance program incorporates 24x7 monitoring of router availability and performance to assure minimal service disrup- tions. Our enhanced maintenance program also extends beyond the hardware to include software and other metrics critical to WAN performance.

This translates to optimal response time and minimal emergency service calls, as we can immediately alert you via email, cell phone or pager to problem areas before service is degraded.

Ideal’s enhanced WAN maintenance program for your routers and switches gives you a fast and ost-effective way of gaining control over your network, helping you maximize WAN uptime. Our combination of proven remote network management tools and certified network engineers enable us to deliver the performance and reliability you demand from your WAN infrastructure.


  • Hardware maintenance of the router/switch
  • Software maintenance of the supplied software
  • 24x7 remote monitoring, identification and problem escalation for:
  • Catastrophic WAN router failures
  • Catastrophic Switch (Layer 2 or Layer 3) failures
  • Internet connectivity failures
  • ISP or telecom carrier connectivity issues
  • Hardware failure notifications
  • Performance related to
    • Errors
    • Discards
    • High bandwidth utilization
    • Router or switch resources related to memory or CPU (Cisco only)
    • 24x7 priority email or pager notification

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