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MSP Security Service

Close the door on Security Violations!

"In this day and age everyone is talking about security. Whether it is protecting your identity or your business. One of the most important things to ensure is that your network and computers are secure. We are not talking about making sure that the door to the computer room is locked. We are talking about making sure the only people that have access to your private company data are users you authorize"

         - Security Specialist -

Device remote monitoring Solves your Security issues!

Our security watch dogs include 24x7 monitoring of intrusions of your windows servers and desktops. We constantly monitor your firewall for any attacks or breaches. Reporting any of the aforementioned events to you, via email or pager. Plus we on a regular basis we scan your network, servers and desktop machines for vulnerabilities that would allow intruders access to your data.

The hardest thing to do right, is finding the time to keep everything up to date. With our tools we are ensuring that your Windows Desktop and Servers are getting their regularly scheduled updates of Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware from most major manufactures. This also includes monitoring your Windows Desktops and Servers to determine if they have all of their current on all of their patching and service packs. Ideal can also ensure that this isn't an issue, by working with you to schedule and patch all of your windows boxes on the network.

What about laptops?
I know what you are thinking, that's great but the stuff here in the office we can take care of. What about the laptops our guys in the field have? We never see those in the office unless they are already broken. Well, we can handle those as well, and at the same time we can monitor them to ensure that they also have their anti-virus and anti-spyware current.

  • Significantly reduce the time spent locating the source of server performance problems
  • Optimize your systems infrastructure to meet business needs for high availability, reliability, and scalability
  • Single point of control
  • Reduce the skill level required to maintain complex applications and technical environments
  • Maximize operations productivity and responsiveness
  • Make forward-looking capacity planning decisions
  • Assess the impact of operations on the bottom line
  • Ensure a positive user experience, fostering customer confidence and protecting your bottom line
  • Proactive alert notification via email or pager
  • Combined real time and historical reporting and alerting for the most complete view
  • Remote access for diagnostics, file execution, and file transfers
  • Standards-based server management
  • Patch assessment and remediation (for an additional fee)
  • Protect the security and optimize availability of critical server processes and applications hosted on that server
  • Proactively monitors key operating systems metrics such as CPU, memory and disk
  • Proactively monitors and alerts on environmentals including disk drives, fans, temperature, and power supplies
  • Provides overall system availability and latency
  • Alerts on failure of critical systems and applications such as backups, printing, Exchange, SQL, and many more Windows capabilities, providing precise error messages for expedited resolution Automatic reboot and restart of services Color, graphic, actionable reports
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