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MSP Servers Service

Server Downtime is not an option!

"When our Server is unaccessable, our customers can't wait, they need timely delivery of information services they are paying for and that is reflected in the serious SLA penalties we have to pay."

         - Paul H. -

You don't have to notify us, we'll notify you!

For businesses today, downtime is not an option. Even a brief unplanned outage on a critical system or application hosted by that system can result in dire consequences such as lost revenue, a fall in stock price, or unpleasant customer experience.

DRM delivers proactive 24x7 round the clock server monitoring enabling IT operations professionals to measure, analyze, diagnose and resolve performance problems across their systems infrastructure.

Measure to Gain Insight:
DRM targets the root cause of common server problems before service is affected, assuring business continuity. Ideal automatically sends alerts by email or pager for problem areas that have the potential to impact service. Alerts are based on customer-defined thresholds for your unique environment. The use of automated actions liberates your technical staff from tedious tasks that would otherwise divert their time and attention from more pressing matters.

Analyze to Reduce Costs:
Ideal combines real-time status and alert monitoring with user-defined historical reports to facilitate rapid analysis. Reports help identify trends, variations, abnormalities, and other complex relationships, resulting in faster identification and resolution of performance problems. Add to that exclusive access to our scheduled preventative maintenance, analysis and capacity planning meetings and that means you've got wall-to-wall coverage.

  • Significantly reduce the time spent locating the source of server performance problems
  • Optimize your systems infrastructure to meet business needs for high availability, reliability, and scalability
  • Single point of control
  • Reduce the skill level required to maintain complex applications and technical environments
  • Maximize operations productivity and responsiveness
  • Make forward-looking capacity planning decisions
  • Assess the impact of operations on the bottom line
  • Ensure a positive user experience, fostering customer confidence and protecting your bottom line
  • Proactive alert notification via email or pager
  • Combined real time and historical reporting and alerting for the most complete view
  • Remote access for diagnostics, file execution, and file transfers
  • Standards-based server management
  • Patch assessment and remediation (for an additional fee)
  • Protect the security and optimize availability of critical server processes and applications hosted on that server
  • Proactively monitors key operating systems metrics such as CPU, memory and disk
  • Proactively monitors and alerts on environmentals including disk drives, fans, temperature, and power supplies
  • Provides overall system availability and latency
  • Alerts on failure of critical systems and applications such as backups, printing, Exchange, SQL, and many more Windows capabilities, providing precise error messages for expedited resolution Automatic reboot and restart of services Color, graphic, actionable reports
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