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Remote Hosting


Remote Hosting is one of the latest alternatives that forward looking IT departments should contemplate in their annual reviews. IT managements consideration of Remote Hosting is rapidly evolving thanks to the widely successful ability of the Internet to service millions of enterprise users the world over.

Hosting for your HP3000, HP9000 or other servers

As IT managers investigate Remote Hosting and management services, there is a natural reluctance to move to a Remote Hosting model because of the fear of the unkown as well as the difficulty of overcoming accepted cultural norms for servers. IDEAL can help you make informed decisions regarding the feasibility of moving your server to a Remote Hosted environment. With IDEAL's help, you can estimate the impact of any Remote Hosting solution through consultation and acctual beta testing before it has been implemented.

Remote Hosting not only helps you control and reduce your IT costs, it can also improve your operational performance, help you make rapid adjustments and deploy innovative and sustainable solutions to develop the agility needed to keep your IT continually aligned with your business objectives as they change and evolve.

IDEAL provides a Tier 2 data center for the typical server via T1 bonded lines using VPN data concentrators and IPSEC VPN tunnels to ensure security along with web console connectivity.

If you are looking for greater security or bandwidth consider IDEAL's Tier 4 (Homeland security approved) facilty in Fremont, CA where we offer total controlled access and redundant optical backbone connectivety with POP presence for any major carriers.

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