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Disaster Recovery

Remote Recovery Made Easy.
Your worst nightmare - a major disaster.

You need to get fully operational fast. IDEAL's Disaster Recovery program is the answer. It allows you to continue operations in the event of fire, flood, building closure and other major disasters.

IDEAL provides Remote Disaster Recovery with Warm Site Capabilities. Our Livermore facility has a dedicated Disaster Recovery computer room and workroom for your use during the disaster. Our Disaster Recovery program also offers you remote connectivity via dedicated T1 lines through VPN (Virtual Private Network), dial-up modems and stat/mux modem capabilities.

RECOVERY you can rely on
For a price you can predict!

IDEAL offers a low monthly fee and a moderate activation/usage charge in the event of an actual Disaster. Usage fees are offered at a substantial discount with a full year prepayment contract. Monthly fees include initial recovery system configuration and debugging. We verify that your Disaster Recovery plan and system will meet your needs. Also, included is an annual Recovery Drill to make sure that our plan continues to meet your changing needs.

  • New capabilities allow IDEAL to rapidly recover your server and resolve issues over the Internet

  • State of the art Network Operating Center to monitor your recovered systems around the clock

  • Key employee support when your system administrator is unavailable

  • Help Desk personnel remotely diagnose your problems when they occur

  • On-site support available when needed

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